G is for…






Good listeners. Okay not really, but in this case this party was so successful because the designers (Confetti & Crumbs) LISTENED to the child. When asked what kind of party she wanted, the 6 year responded “G! G…is for Giselle!”, and just like that a theme was born. This party features a collaboration of colors and things that begin with the letter “G”. Why didn’t I think of that? Something so simple and yet appeasing to 6 year old little girls.


Top 3 Things We Like:

  1. The backdrop with the geometric shapes (designed by Style Me Gorgeous). Who knew that boring ole shapes could be an essential part of a table design and work so flawlessly?
  2. The cake. Also designed by Confetti & Crumbs, is the perfect combination of playful elegance.
  3. ALL of the “G’s”!- Green, Grey, Gold, Girrage, Geometry, Goldfish, Geeks, Glasses, Gummies. Goodness Gracious! Love it!


Things We Would Do Differently:

Although I can definitely appreciate the Green Grass Table Cover, I do feel that it takes a little away from the items on top. I think a subtle gold cloth like the one in this picture would have accented the foods perfectly without being so bold that it mutes the the design on top of it.






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