Let’s Have a Party!

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Red Solo Cup Party. Seriously? Who thinks of that?! This is a great example of a fun table design for and adult party created by Anders Ruff. This party is a prime example of why we’re so passionate about this field. The creativity behind this is absolutely brilliant. It just proves that you can take something as simple as plastic cup from a grocery store and turn it into a fun memorable event. Possibilities are literally endless.

Top 3 Things We Loved:

  1. The “blue” accent.  The baby blue played wonderfully with the red giving adding just a tad more spunk, but it does not take a way from the “Red” of the “Red Solo Cup Party”.  The blue chocolate on the strawberries not only looks delicious but is also pleasing to the eye.
  2. The invitations. They go so well with the energy of the party. You can pretty much tell by the invitations exactly what kind of party its going to be. The graphic designer did an awesome job.
  3. THE 3D CAKE! It was created by Misty’s Cakery. No words…just “WOW!”.

Something to add:


Red Solo Cup String Lights from Bed Bath and Beyond!


Did you know…that this was a low budget party? Prime example of how a LITTLE money still makes a BIG difference.



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