Love is Patient, Love is Kind…

….Love Means Slowly Losing Your Mind.”–27 Dresses


Hahaha. Bet you weren’t expecting that. What can I say…”27 Dresses” is a classic!

So today I (Tiara) was sitting at work and I realized this weekend is the last weekend in June. We didn’t really know if weddings would be something that we would be offering ┬ásoon, so I had kind of decided to steer clear of the topic all together. But, June is by far the most popular month for weddings and I can’t help but to be inspired by things I see mostly on social media. Also, next week Kelly and her husband will celebrate 2 years of marriage and that in itself is enough of a reason to have a little fun with some wedding talk.

So I asked myself if I could do MY wedding over again, what would my colors be? I had a fall candelit contemporary wedding, so I wanted to explore something from an opposite perspective. I LOVE the color orange but its a little too bright for a wedding that I would have. Hum…how about coral. Yep, coral it is. I also have a new found love for the rusticky (yes, I made that word up.) burlapy (and that one too!) feel. So whats my second color? Is burlap a color? TEAL. Teal is STUNNING with coral. It’s playful and romantic. Love it. So after some research, I concluded that I would love to have a “Coral Country” wedding, complete with romantic string lights, teal mason jars, a burlap chevron table runner, subtle bridesmaid dresses, and a bouquet with brooches. This is my inspiration board ­čÖé


Here’s another one I did just for fun….OMBRE wedding!


….Maybe someday! ­čÖé



I was proofreading this post, when I heard my wedding song on So You Think You Can Dance (To Make You Feel My Love)…if that’s not a freaky coincidence…